Excellent Customer Service

It’s important to put yourself in your customer/client’s shoes if you want to provide them with excellent customer service. I try to go by the “Golden Rule”; treat others as you would have them treat you. As customers ourselves, we know how we want to be treated, and we know what we want in a product or service. As virtual assistants, providing excellent customer service requires that we go an extra step. In the virtual world, we do not have the face-to-face contact, which is one aspect of customer service.

A couple of weeks ago, a new client had some apprehension regarding making final payment before seeing the completed project. Although, the client did not request it, I decided to submit a sample of the final document so the client would feel less anxious.

When dealing with a client or a potential client, listen carefully to their needs or concerns. If you are working on a project, give your client a quick update, especially if s/he is new to the virtual assistant industry. I prefer to use email. It is less intrusive, unless otherwise instructed. Again, I’m treating the person how I want to be treated. If you want to meet and/or exceed your clients’ expectations by providing them with excellent customer service, remember the “Golden Rule.”

Rita J. Cartwright, Owner
RJ’s Word Processing Services


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