Starting A Virtual Assistant Business

When starting a virtual assistant business, the first item on your to do list is coming up with a business name. You should give this a lot of thought. This is the name that you will be using in your advertising and/or marketing campaigns and other communications. The name you choose should reflect your products or services. I’m considering changing my business name because now I offer more than word processing services. Therefore, selecting a correct name is very important from the beginning.

Speaking of advertising and marketing, these are very important tasks. First, decide who your target market is going to be. In order to create effective messages, you need to know who you are directing the messages to. Having a website is necessary, but it is not enough. I didn’t become aggressive in marketing until the last two years. The first three years, I didn’t use the same marketing strategy that I currently use. Being more aggressive has brought in more business. E-mail marketing is an excellent marketing tool and is affordable. One of the capabilities of your website should be to capture e-mail addresses to use in your e-mail marketing campaigns. For instance, offer e-newsletters to visitors to your site. Using the signup box you have on your website, the visitors will subscribe to your publication by providing their names and e-mail addresses.

Online networking is another great marketing tool. Virtual Assistant Networking Association (VANA) is a very informative forum to be a member of. In addition to having access to valuable information, you are able to network with other virtual assistants. The members of this forum are at various stages from beginners to seasoned small business owners. Offline networking is also a great idea. This would involve networking with members of your target market. Your local Chamber of Commerce generally has networking events for business owners.

Also, as part of my marketing strategy, I have started writing articles and blogs. This gives you credibility, as well as exposure for your services.

If you are considering starting a virtual assistant business offering virtual assistant services decide on a business name, choose a target market, create marketing campaigns directed towards your market, and network both online and offline.


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