Affordable Marketing Strategies

There are a few affordable marketing strategies available for small business owners with limited marketing budget. Blogging is becoming one of the most efficient, effective marketing strategies. There is a post at Home Office Warrior titled “Five Reasons to Start a Blog.” The originator of the blog is Small Business Computing. One of the reasons stated for blogging is: “A blog is an inexpensive form of public relations and marketing.”

Another marketing strategy is submitting ads to free online services; for example, and Sending e-mail campaigns is also an affordable marketing strategy. When visitors visit your website, there should be some way of capturing their e-mail addresses. These addresses are then used for sending campaigns, which could be monthly newsletters and promotions, to your clients and/or potential clients.

In addition to writing blogs, writing articles and submitting them to article banks doesn’t cost anything but your time. These are a few marketing strategies, which are affordable; however, they can be time-consuming. If you don’t have the time, outsource these tasks to a virtual assistant.

Rita J. Cartwright, Owner
RJ’s Word Processing Services
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