Misconceptions About Virtual Assistants

In the business world, we have been conditioned as to the role of administrative assistants. Before the existence of virtual assistants (VAs), administrative assistance was generally performed at “the office.” With the advent of virtual assistants, services are performed from the virtual assistants’ offices. However, the previous type of working relationship or the role of traditional administrative assistants still exists in the minds of some business owners and/or employers when dealing with virtual assistants.

Virtual assistants are independent entrepreneurs rather than employees. VAs do not report to an employer; they work with a client. VAs don’t have interviews with potential employers; they have meetings with potential clients. If a Virtual Assistant (VA) has to directly report to someone or has to go through an interview process, then the VA is no longer a Virtual Assistant, but is an employee candidate. If this is the case, then the employer will have to pay employee-related fees. If an employer hires an employee at $20.00 per hour, the average cost will be $76,960 a year. If the services of a Virtual Assistant are retained at $35.00 per hour, the average cost will be $36,400 per year, a difference of $40,560. Please visit http://www.rjswordprocessing.com/vacost.html to see a Full-Time Employee versus Virtual Assistant Cost Comparison chart.

There are still some business owners and/or employers who are accustomed to the traditional methods. They have to get used to the concept that virtual assistants are business owners, as well as entrepreneurs. They are not employees.

Rita J. Cartwright, Owner
RJ’s Word Processing Services
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5 Responses to Misconceptions About Virtual Assistants

  1. anitabr says:

    You made some great points! I am a freelance writer providing professional writing services. I’m not an assistant in the administrative sense of the word.
    Personally, I think that a better term is virtual associate.

    Rita, share some fun stuff about you with the rest of the VA world! Consider yourself tagged with this meme: http://anitaspen.com/writerscorner/fun-stuff/meme/

    I look forward to more great posts from you!

    Anita Bruton

  2. Fra Jamir says:

    I like what you said about VA’s being entrepreneurs and businessman , Greetings from Filipino Virtual Assistants.

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