Announcement of New Services

I am pleased to announce an addition to our virtual assistant team. Our newest member will handle our ACT! Database projects. Our team now consists of four virtual assistants with skills in various areas. They specialize in bookkeeping, transcription services, Real Estate Virtual Assistant services, website and graphic design, and now ACT! Database. Because of their skills, I am able to offer small business owners most of the services they need to operate and develop their businesses. In addition, these owners do not have to shop around for the above-mentioned services, because we are a “one-stop shop.”

My mission is to provide our clients with the type of value-added service they can trust to be exactly what they desired plus more.

Rita J. Cartwright, Owner
RJ’s Word Processing Services
Your Business Success Is Our Success


2 Responses to Announcement of New Services

  1. debrachrls says:

    boy I am way behind on the new terminology… been doing the Virtual Assistant thing for awhile but never called it that. Glad to see there are others out there. Many on a much grander scale than my little empire but I do get repeat customers so I must be doing something right. I know I have never worked for or with any company who couldn’t use a great Virtual Assistant… so we should be demand right.

    Enjoying the blog.
    Deb Charles

  2. egb1 says:

    That’s Great news. best wishes for your success

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